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Tyler, the Creator

Tyler, the CreatorMy favorite rapper has mental problems, and a slight God-complex. Tyler is the creator of Odd Future. I have become mildly obsessed with this new crew of rappers from Los Angeles, CA.   If you have been seeing this anachronim lately…


it stands for

Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All

Tyler and Odd Future have been receiving underground praise since 2009. Tyler started rapping and producing when he was only 17. I was shocked to find out he was younger than I am, especially with his chilling deep voice. Tyler didn’t hit puberty, he assaulted it. Now, freshly 21, he is a Buzz Word, on tour, and on MTV.

OF blew up about a year ago, when Tyler released his self-directed video Yonkers from his second album GoblinIn the past 6 months, this video went from 2,000,000 views to over 36,000,000.

Since this video became viral, Tyler is the hottest new commodity in the hip hop world. He has explained in interviews that his songs are all revolving around different narrative. Tyler is a modern schizophrenic story teller. His alter-ego goes by the name of Wolf Haley. He is violent, aggressive, terrifying, funny, and somehow loveable. But you don’t dominate the scene without receiving some serious backlash.

Most critics condemn the rapper for the content of his lyrics. Subjects include religion, Satan, rape, murder, suicide, and all around self-loathing. Obviously, the lyrics are not as kid-friendly as mainstream rap. Long before OF, there has been sexism in rap music. It doesn’t offend me because Tyler balances the crude imagery of these sensitive subjects with comedy. Each song is a story, fiction, and you shouldn’t take it personally. Critics and fans can talk all they want, I’m going to guess that Tyler doesn’t care.

These lyrics are from my favorite song Bastard/Seven from his debut album Bastard. In his own words…

“I created OF ’cause I feel we’re more talented than
40 year old rappers talkin’ about Gucci,
when they have kids they haven’t seen in years,
impressing their peers.”

Tyler has written or produced every single song that Odd Future has released. Today, OF includes rappers Earl Sweatshirt, Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis and Mike G, and singer Frank Ocean.

The newest track and most insane video yet is called Rella and is the single for the album, OF Tape Vol 2. It goes on sale March 20th. The directing credit is given to Wolf Haley, the alter ego of Tyler. He is the brains of Odd Future, with a twisted yet refreshing imagination. I was actually laughing out loud during this video, which received 9,000,000 hits in the 3 short weeks since its release.

Only 5 days after he turned 21, Tyler the Creator performed at the Fox Theater in Boulder to a packed house. The entire Odd Future gang is on tour this Spring. They will be performing in Europe for a week, the final show will be back on the West Coast.


One thought on “Tyler, the Creator

  1. I have never heard of Tyler before– I will definitely check out some of these videos… He is for sure making a name for himself by bridging the norm and rapping about something different– than the usual sex, drugs, and getting high rap songs that we are so use to! You’re posts are so informative…I learn about someone or something new each time! 🙂

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