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Dr. Pepper 10’s sexist commercial

Soda for Idiots

I was shocked to see this commercial on TV a few weeks ago. Watching Comedy Central, I have learned to expect advertisements aimed toward a male-audience. But this went too far. I don’t know if its the sexist tagline…


…Or the other stereotypes sprinkled in with the cliche male “action” film. So, Dr. Pepper doesn’t just hate women, they hate money? They want to cut out half of the population, and an even larger percentage of American consumers?

It’s a ridiculous notion that men would buy a soda based on the fact that it’s not for women. And although this is another stereotype but holds some truth, women would be buying soda for their husbands anyways. Why be so crude when insulting us?

With just 10 ignorant calories.

I understand who they were trying to reach with this Dr. Pepper 10. They wanted to open the consumer market of diet soda to males. But there are a million ways to target males without blatantly offending 50% of the population. I don’t drink diet soda, or any soda. I used to like Dr. Pepper, but am disgusted when Dr. Pepper is telling me I prefer “lady drinks”.

The diction is patronizing. It is reflecting of the compulsory heterosexualist society that is aimed toward the straight, white male. Since when has the taste of soda had anything to do with my sex?

He even begins the commercial by saying “Hey ladies, enjoying this movie? Of course not.” Why do you begin by addressing me, and then shunning me? Just by saying “hey ladies,” Dr. Pepper is acknowledging me as part of their audience.

Women deal with pressure from every single company telling us who we are, what movies we like, that we get manicures and pedicures, that we have to be beautiful and feminine, that we like “lady drinks”. After being bombarded with this overbearing gender discourse telling me who I am as a female, the last place I want to hear it from is my soda.

Offends both Men and Women.

It isn’t only over-generalizing females, but males as well. I don’t think that all men need to like explosions and action movies. “It’s what guys want.” Once again, no intelligent male is looking to soda to tell them who they are or what they want.

I believe this commercial is repulsive, regardless of intent. Keep your 10 bold “manly” flavors, we’re good.


2 thoughts on “Dr. Pepper 10’s sexist commercial

  1. I saw this commercial in an airport, and I was seriously disgusted. It’s also kind of implying that we’re all on diets or something? We can’t handle 10 calories? I can’t remember the last time I worried about the number of calories in my soda. And anyway, why can’t these “manly” men just drink regular non-diet Dr. Pepper? I was so confused by the commercial. And I’m never buying Dr. Pepper again.

  2. The first time i saw this commercial i didnt think that it was aimed to put down women. I think its just a way for Dr. Pepper to put a bunch of action in their commercials for guys to notice. I dont take it as a dis to women and im sure most men dont.

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