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Do you like to laugh? Do you believe anything Seth MacFarlane touches turns to gold? Do you want to see an adorable stuffed animal saying raunchy inappropriate things?

Then you’ll love Ted. Beware, this red band trailer is rated R.

I am anticipating this movie simply because it is the directorial debut for Seth MacFarlane. A-listers Mark Wahlberg and Mila Kunis talk to the stuffed animal throughout the movie. I watch anything with his name on it. Literally. If the urge to pick up and cuddle this comedic genius wasn’t enough already, now he’s in Teddy Bear form.

In Theaters July 13th

Mark Wahlberg and Seth MacFarlane in Ted


5 thoughts on “TED

  1. I love everything that Seth McFarlane creates!! He is a comedy genius…if you are open minded enough to accept his sometimes controversial style. But I have to admit I am skeptical about this movie. The two main actors are a few of my favorites for sure but I can’t see myself watching two people converse with a stuffed animal for over an hour. However, I will go see it because I have nothing but faith in Seth (and an R rating means no kiddos in the theater, so that alone is worth it).

  2. This seems really interesting! I feel the same way, I’d see anything with Mark Wahlberg!!! He is soo good in comedies, especially “The Good Guys”! I had never seen this trailer before so I am glad you shared this!

  3. This is the first ive heard of red band and it looks awesome! It reminds me of the show Wilfred which was great. Im glad i saw this because im definetly going to go watch it. Have you seen Casa de me padre? i heard that was a good one. Anyway im pumped to watch marky mark talk to a teddy bear.

    • Haha I know, a sexual stoner teddy bear, how could you not love it? And I want to see Casa De Me Padre, the only place it’s playing in town is at the Lyric! I don’t speak espagnol, but it’s worth it to see Will Ferrell try.

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