Words, Words, Words

Here’s to every word that I ever wrote.

I am graduating with a degree in Writing. It’s a Christmas miracle!

Oh, so what now? Where are you going? What are your plans?

Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

Any graduating seniors know the feeling- being asked 100 times a day these vague questions about your future. I have never had so many people around me curious of what my next moves were.

I am just as curious as them. I’ve been applying to several internships and jobs in the area, but nothing is set in stone. I am in the middle of an existential crisis that cannot be solved by a cap and gown.

The four years I’ve spent at the University have taught me one thing: how to be a student. I have learned the tricks of the trade, I’ve played the games, and now I feel unprepared. Just as I was getting used to the whole college student thing, and finally getting good at it, it’s over.

While I always planned on graduating on time, I’m starting to regret my decision to move quickly through. I know the world is waiting for me to make my next move. And now I’m wishing I could start the whole adventure over again. I would be so much better at being a freshman now. Can I get a do-over?

No? Fine, then help me with this. How can I apply everything I’ve learned over my college career into the business world? Is writing a viable skill to have, or was it time wasted?

Daria moment.

I will answer myself, in attempt to make myself feel better. No, it was not time wasted. Every paper, every test, every challenge has pushed your intelligence whether you noticed it or not. The university worked to make me a stronger person. Subconsciously and without noticing, I have grown up. Not only in education, but with inter-personal skills and relationships.

I simply don’t want college to end because I don’t want to lose the creative atmosphere. I guess it’s time to find a new creative atmosphere: one where I can continue to do what I love. I don’t want college to end, because for a while, I’ve been fearing the end of my dream. But dreams never end.

New York City Graffiti


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