Single Moms, Helicopter Rides, and First Impressions: The Smart Cookie Guide to The Bachelorette.

Emily may not have her mini-van full of babies yet, but she does have several limos full of single men.  Mom, philanthropist, and barbie doll Emily Maynard is bringing fresh changes to this season of ABC’s The Bachelorette. How many 26 year old women do you know with a daughter– and a very tumultuous love story– that look this good?

By Lindsey Bartlett

The Bachelorette on ABC

Single moms must be fabulous.

This Bachelorette is not your average single mom, and neither is her story. After a tragic plane accident, Emily’s Fiance passed away in 2006. How can a woman face the unpredictable financial hills in life? How does having a partner play into this, either helping or completely supporting your lifestyle? For Emily, remaining down to earth after being engaged to a prominent race car driver, then Brad from The Bachelor, was no easy task. Especially when both of these relationships ended in difficult and very public ways. But the Smart Cookie must move on. The 25 new bachelors couldn’t emphasize her strength enough. To avoid further flattery, let’s just say that Emily is the exemplary Smart Cookie– she is beautiful, balanced, and confident in her ability to take care of herself and her child.


Everyone wants the fairy tale ending, but Emily is proof that princesses must take care of themselves. The smart cookie has to live in reality. When tragedy struck Emily’s family, she stepped up to the plate for herself and her daughter. She learned to juggle the single mom lifestyle while working as a PR representative for Children’s Hospital.

While searching for her prince, Emily still radiates the Smart Cookie aura of autonomy and self reliance. She knows that her fairy tale ultimately ends with the well being of her daughter Ricki. No one can ever plan on life’s turns, but we can create long-term financial goals that come with this security that every Smart Cookie needs.

The Bachelorette on ABC


Golly! Kalon defined himself as the nonchalant, wealthy guy who shows up fashionably late on helicopter. A well written note with sentimental value far outshines his flashy entrance. In a particularly emotional moment, the note handwritten by Doug’s son showed Emily a genuine side that is worth much more than money. If you can’t spend the big bucks, a token from the heart is equally or more effective.

Charlotte for a change.

There’s something to be said about this season of The Bachelorette taking place in Emily’s hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina. The energy of the location is laid-back, and is a refreshing detour from Los Angeles. It just goes to show that the small town girl can still be fabulous, and live a rich Smart Cookie lifestyle. The estate this season looks more sprawling and beautiful than an LA mansion, without the LA mansion price tag. The Smart Cookie doesn’t compromise style regardless of location. And Emily is proud of her country roots because they made her who she is. Which brings me to the most crucial lesson…

Be Yourself.

There’s nothing more painful than watching the awkward introductions of the single men. It is obvious when the men are trying too hard. If Emily isn’t impressed by your helicopter or your grandma impersonation, then she sure as heck won’t be impressed by the other tricks up your sleeve.

In the dating as well as the financial world, you have to be yourself. I am always more impressed by the philanthropist or millionaire who is humble than those who brag about their success. I get it, you have a nice helicopter, now please don’t shove it in my face. I am excited for the men to show their true selves, not their bank roll, to the Bachelorette.

The Bachelorette on ABC


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