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Girls is my life as a television show. Writer, director and producer Lena Dunham has created a wicked narrative and public diary to the inner workings of the 24-year old mind. The series begins with the main character Hannah (Lena Dunham) being cut off by her parents once and for all.

While I can relate to Girls in subject matter alone, there is a raw, unbridled energy to the script that I found refreshing. I was laughing uncontrollably to the witty and understated jokes. Either because they were real, or because I cannot believe Dunham has the guts to say all of this on screen. But it is HBO. Everyone knows what big fans that network is of brief nudity and adult content.

I highly suggest checking out the show, and give it several episodes. The story line reads like a movie to me, one that picks up speed as the season progresses. I love the other girls in Girls. Actresses include the over-achieving best friend Allison Williams, the gorgeous European expat Jemima Kirke, and the hilariously innocent Zosia Mamet.

The show is steamy and brilliant. I am tired of the exaggerated female character that is so predictable. In Girls, I am constantly being surprised by the characters. Because of Dunhams genuine dialogue and development, they seem plucked out of real life.

I am always looking for new music, and this show also radiates genius in it’s soundtrack. The songs are used so well in context. My recently added playlist on my Ipod is basically all from this show’s 4 episodes so far.

Same Mistakes by The Echo Friendly
Overdrawn by White Sea
Dancing on my Own by Robyn


If these songs aren’t convincing enough, you should watch the show just to weigh in. Everyone has an opinion, and some critics are less excited than I am about Lena Dunhams show. But at the very least, the critics should give the 25 year old writer, director, producers, and star of Girls a little more time to show what she’s got. Here’s “Shit girls say about Girls.”



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