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On the Road trailer

The movie Gods have answered my prayers. On the Road directed by Walter Salles is currently receiving praise at Cannes. Hopefully, it will make it to the theaters this month. This novel had be attempted to be made into a film for the past 2 decades. Some called the film adaptation of Jack Kerouacs most famous novel “cursed”. I don’t know if Kristen Stewart as Mary Lou is considered a curse, possibly some sort of hex got her the role. But besides the vampire girl weaseling her way in to all of my favorite summer movies, it looks fantastic.

As a huge Kerouac fan, I am curious to see how the beat gen ideology is translated in the film. To me, they are the original hipsters. A group of broke college students who drink, smoke, get laid, and drive aimlessly across America. The true Manifest Destiny. Unfortunately, people are too afraid to hitchhike these days. But the rebellious core of the beats lives on. Kerouac didn’t give  shit before not giving a shit was cool. His legacy is still wedged in every corner of the country.


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