This is an epic adaptation that I’ve been waiting for since the 8th grade. Baz Luhrmann might be the perfect director for this film, a heavily engaged period director and storyteller. I have missed his presence in film since Moulin Rouge (2001) and his more recent feature Australia (2008).  A classic novel like Gatsby  is always going to be met with much scrutiny. The film has a huge legacy to live up to, and you can thank F. Scott Fitzgerald.

When I saw this trailer, I was like…


I will most likely reread the classic before the movies release at the end of 2012. The film boasts an amazing cast: Leonardo DiCaprio as the infamous Gatsby, Toby Macguire as the original wallflower Nick Carroway, and Carey Mulligan as Daisy Buchanan. The only thing I’m tentative of is the Real D and 3D. I’m not 8, I don’t need red and blue glasses to see a movie. I am personally cynical of 3D’s core concept, but maybe Luhrmann will change my mind. The anticipation may kill me.


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