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Instagram Declares War on Vine

Brace yourselves. We are in the midst of a social media Civil War.

Instagram launched their epic video feature yesterday with backlash. It might as well have been a missile aimed at Twitter. They are competing with video apps that were preexisting, Vine being the most popular. Vine just happens to be owned by Twitter, Facebooks arch nemesis. Coincidence? Not at all.

Differences between the two video features:

Instagram allows you to recotrd up to 15 seconds of video, Vine only 6.

Instagram gives you the option of 10 video filters, a concept I’ve never seen before. Those who have gotten used to Instagram like to edit their faces. Filters rule.

Vine loops, meaning the 6 second video will play repeatedly until you scroll down. The looping makes them more entertaining. I’ve literally watched one 6 second Vine for 20 minutes. It also allows more freedom for videos that loop seamlessly, like beatbox, music, ones that you can’t tell where they end and begin. This is an awesome feature and makes the Instagram video feature appear to end abruptly and awkwardly.

I have more followers on Instagram. It’s taken me 2 months to gain 50 followers on Vine (obviously, some famous comedians and actors have 50,000). But I enjoy Instagram because I have so many more followers. It’s nice to know someone will actually be watching my videos now, instead of performing to an empty theater on Vine.

The downfall:

Instagram is a photo sharing app. Not a video sharing app. It is straying away from the original intention, and that is what made it special. Photographers are pissed. Now, if they post an unbelievable photo, it is one dimensional and packs less of a punch when surrounded by moving pictures.

I was just getting in to Vine a few months ago, it became addictive to watch the never ending videos. Then, I would check my Instagram, and be bored that the pictures were still. It’s because nothing compares to video. Even if a photographer posts a brilliant photo, it will look cheapened if there are videos surrounding it. I understand why Instagram saw this to be a good move. But at what cost?

Viners are freaking out. Just when people were gaining followers, getting used to it, perfecting the possibilities, it’s suddenly met with the fear of becoming obsolete. It’s a frustration within the mobile app world. Why spend time developing a profile on any app when it will soon be replaced? Is there a lasting app in the world, or are they all just fads, constantly rotating first place?

No matter what the future holds for the two mobile sharing apps, I believe Vine was more original. It is so classic “Facebook” to take someone’s good idea and make it even better. Such is life. Twitter and Vine engineers are now trying to come up with a way to outdo what Instagram did.

Your move, Myspace.


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