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THE VMA’S GOT WEIRD: Gaga, Miley and Haylor.

I regrettably dirty-pleasured out to the MTV VMA Awards last night. Miss any of the action? No worries, I got you covered. Here’s my shamefully guilty VMA recap!

I felt sad for a few people last night at the VMA’s. It’s no secret that MTV goes for the shocker performances, artists, cameos, and live bits. It is never short on outlandish outfits and political statements. We were waiting for Kanye to pull a Kanye (but he never did). The sheer insanity of some of these moments were overboard, even for MTV. Obviously starting with Miley Cyrus.

Just because you stick your tongue out to the side, have hair like the monster octopus toy from Toy Story, and constantly twerk your ass does NOT mean you are wild. She’s on a fast and violent downward spiral following in the footsteps of Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes. Is it a performance? I hope so. Because otherwise, I feel bad for her. She gets negative attention no matter what
she does because she is a trend-setting celeb in the judgmental gaze of the world. But it’s another thing entirely to strip down to a nude swimsuit and grind all over your co-performer (as well as stick your face in a dancing teddy bears ass). And everyone felt bad for Robin Thicke, further instilling the sexist culture we live in.

Even worse was the amount of slut shaming that followed. Every comment, tweet, and Facebook status only perpetuated the judgmental concept that she is less than human, existing to be objectified. Miley is expected to show her body yet doing it poorly makes her a “slut”. But perhaps it was how she showed her body that bothered people. The dance moves solidify how sexual her performance is, dry humping while pointing a foam finger into the crowd like a penis was her signature dance move. As an audience, we expect more. But as fellow human beings, who are we to expect anything?

To look on the other side of the spectrum at Lady Gaga’s performance is another piece to the puzzle of why Miley got so much grief. It’s like Gaga answered the complex female performer question, “How do I dance, sing, entertain, take my clothes off and still look classy and sophisticated?” I didn’t even know it was possible. No, she’s not a goddess nymph from under the sea, she is Gaga. And she is fierce. The camera kept zooming in on Lady Gaga every time someone mentioned gay rights, Mackelmore, or fangirling out Justin Timberlake’s insane performance. Basically, the camera couldn’t get away from her.

Gaga is also so humble and nurturing to the boys from One Direction who were, for some reason, booed as they won an award for their hit “Best song ever” named “Song of the Summer.” They might be the most famous boy band ever to exist. 1D even got a closeup during the long awaited performance by N’SYNC, like looking into some bizarro boy-band future and past. Worlds collided.

We also got a little taste of Harry Styles and Taylor Swifts drama as she accepted her award for Best Female Video, stating, “The guy I wrote this for knows who he is and thanks for the award.” Basically putting him (or maybe 6 other dudes in the audience) on blast. No way to know for sure.

It seems their entire show to the world may be just that, and that the audience never truly knows what goes on after the cameras stop rolling.


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